Educational Videos

Cell Phone Impacts Credit
What is a credit score and how is it calculated?
How to Save
How to Buy a Vacation Home
Moving Checklist
What the Banks Won't tell you
Give your home more 'curb appeal'
Mortgage Kit - #1 - Are You Ready To Buy A Home?
Mortgage Kit - #2 - How much downpayment do you need?
Mortgage Kit - #3 - Downpayment Savings
Mortgage Kit - #4 - Verify your downpayment
Mortgage Kit - #5 - Verify your income
Mortgage Kit - #6 - Have good credit
Why Canadians Choose Invis
CHIP Reverse Mortgage - Kurt Browning
Wake Up & Refinance
CHIP Reverse Mortgage
Mortgage Letdown
10 Steps to Owning
Mortgage Non Pre-Approval
Renewal Sleepwalking
Self-Employed Mortgage
Renovation Sink or Swim
Low Rate Handcuffs
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